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Pyrgos Santorini
The constantly increasing number of the stray animals in our country is a fact. If you have seriously and responsibly considered to adopt an animal and becoming a guardian for the rest of his/her life, do not hesitate to contact us.
Together we can find the ideal four-legged friend who will accompany and love you without limits for ever, and of course we must not forget that adopting a stray animal can only bring good things.
All our available for adoption animals, are given vaccinated and dewormed (adults also sterilized), and always with a microchip registered under the name of the guardian.
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The needs of an animal welfare organisation as well as a shelter are enormous. Every day we are asked to take on many more cases than we are able to carry out mainly due to the lack of financial resources as there is no help from the state except of a certain number of sterilisations.

We have more than 90 animals in our shelter for which every month we need, in addition to their food, internal and external deworming pills, while the need for vaccinations, tests and medicines never stops. We have also placed a lot of feeders in some places around the island so more strays can be fed.

You can make a donation or a virtual adoption to one of our strays and support our action. Thank you!

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We help the stray animals on the island of Santorini

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